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4 Drawer Dresser

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Solid Wood Modern Farmhouse Dresser painted by the lovely Lana!
This vintage piece has had a full update with a plethora of Fusion Mineral products. The wood on the base and top were sanded down, then done in an Algonquin wash, sanded again, and then covered in Natural SFO. The front legs and back piece have been distressed to show some of the original wood finish. The green/blue paint on the sides and drawers is a mixture of Ash, Liberty Blue, and Little Star. All painted areas and the outsides of the drawers have been covered on Beeswax Finish for a nice sheen and to help them glide more smoothly. New marble and brass hardware and a William Morris decoupage were added for the finishing touches.

Dimensions: Height: 44”, Width: 29.5”, Depth: 18”

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