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Cozy Canadian Campfires

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Cozy Canadian Campfires are Canadian made, reusable and portable recreational campfires. Made using 100% non toxic ingredients. They are a mini campfire that you can use anywhere! Perfect for gathering where you are and making memories.
Our Cozy Canadian Campfire comes in its own tin, that only requires you to have a lighter. Simply light, enjoy, make memories and put out to be used again! The Cozy Canadian Campfire can be used multiple times. Using only the finest natural ingredients this campfire is a fun and natural way to enjoy in any outdoor setting! Be it the city or great Canadian outdoors.

Made using 100% non-toxic, eco friendly soy wax and charcoal briquettes.


  • Read burning instructions on back of the tin before use.
  • Never use water to extinguish. Smother the fire with the lid to extinguish
  • Do not use in wet conditions.
  • Keep kids and pets at a safe distance,
  • Only use on stable surfaces.
  • Never move while in use or when still hot.
  • Wax becomes liquid when hot, do not touch.
  • For adult use only. Do not use while intoxicated.

Citchen Candle Co. Crafted in Canada

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