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Bracelet Making Take Home Kits & Add Ons

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Kristal F/X has designed some beautiful bracelet kits with Add on's to keep your child busy while they are home and they wil love the result!
All of the bracelet kits are $28.00 and they all include: The string of gemstones, the elastic string, the bead stopper clip, the metal bead spacer, the wallet id cards, a gift/storage bag, a double-sided instruction sheet.

The Add On kits are the same (as mentioned above - quality control measures)

These Add On kits are all $5.00 - They are for those who want to enhance the regular Gem Bracelet kit with extras. All Kits come with 10 pieces.
A metal charm, 2 lava beads (for essential oil scent if they desire an aromatherapy option), 2 wood beads, 2 metal daisy accents, 1 metal spacer (used to hide the knot of the elastic), and an extra elastic with 1 extra bead stopper clip.
Bracelet Kits are listed below. If you need a picture of the bracelet kit to know wht you are getting please email us at and we'll send you a pic as quick as we can. Delivery will be available on Tuesday, March 24th. Pickup any time Tues - Sat 11-3pm at the store.
Porch delivery within Markham and Stouffville is available at no charge. Please indicate below when booking.
Thank you and have fun!
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