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Mandi Mugginz

Mandi Mugginz | Best Bib Ever

Mandi Mugginz | Best Bib Ever

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B E S T  B I B  E V E R !

They are called this for a reason! Why are they the best? 1️⃣ They are super easy to clean! Simply wipe down after dinner or throw it in the dishwasher.2️⃣ The front pocket will catch the food that doesn’t make it to little one’s mouth and save your floors. 3️⃣ The adjustable button holes let’s them grow with baby - from when they first start solids to even 5 years old. 4️⃣ They are made with 100% food grade silicone and are non toxic, BPA and lead free. They are water-repellent so you don’t need to worry about liquid or food soaking through to clothes.5️⃣ Forget about your drawer full of cloth bibs - if you suck at laundry (like I do), cloth bibs are garbage after eating spaghetti. These silicone bibs will last, and you really only need one - not unless you want one in every colour because they are just so beautiful.

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