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Bridlewood Shampoo Bar

Bridlewood Shampoo Bar

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Green Tea

Enriched with anti-oxidants, this Green Tea shampoo bar foams like conventional shampoo - without any of the nasty ingredients.  Prepare to feel pampered with invigorating peppermint, an essential oil known to stimulate hair growth. Green tea is especially good for those who suffer from dandruff, and is said to prevent hair loss!

 Charcoal Silk + Honey 

Don't let the sweet scent of this bar fool you, as it has potent powers.  Our charcoal shampoo bar calms dry and itchy scalps while restoring the natural lustre of hair.  Activated charcoal cleanses the hair of impurities allowing your pores to breathe.  Honey adds emollient properties helping to lock moisture on your strands. *Charcoal may discolour white or light-coloured linens.

Please note, if you are new to using a natural shampoo bar, your hair may go through an adjustment period. Since our shampoo bar does not strip your hair of its natural oil, your hair and scalp may feel heavier until your hair is 'trained,' not to create as much oil.

 TIP: Create a lather in your hands, focus on the roots and let the soap run through the rest of your hair. Rinse thoroughly and follow with an apple cider vinegar rinse to help get rid of tangles and make your hair shine!  Trust us, the vinegar scent goes away once your hair is dry.



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