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Cocktail Bombs | Lovely Variety Pack

Cocktail Bombs | Lovely Variety Pack

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This collection features six delicious and unique cocktail bombs, each with its own flavor and personality.

First up is the SPICY MARGARITA GLIMMER BOMB™, perfect for those who like a little kick in their cocktail. The RASPBERRY LEMONADE GLIMMER BOMB™ offers a sweet and tart taste that's perfect for summer sipping.

Next, the ORANGE MOJITO GLIMMER BOMB™ is a refreshing twist on a classic favorite, while the LOVELY SPRITZER GLIMMER BOMB™ offers a fruity blend of tangy pomegranate, juicy cherry, and zesty orange.

For those with a sweet tooth, the DREAMSICLE GLIMMER BOMB™ will transport you back to childhood with its creamy orange flavor. And last but not least, the LOVE POTION GLIMMER BOMB™ combines cranberry, orange, and lime for a truly irresistible taste.

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